FMX Racing Invictus Slalom 2020


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Increased rail and fin pressure to maintain excellent tracking characteristics, with an ultra stable and direct feel in a wide variety of sailing conditions.

Improved exit from the gybes whilst still maintaining a tight gybe radius with grip. 


•  All-new compact shape for increased control overpowered, earlier planing, better glide and increased acceleration away from the gybes.

•  Refined all-new scoop-rocker line for easier handling, explosive acceleration and top-speed in both flat water and choppy conditions.

•  All-new Deep deck concave design  – More stability in the now flatter standing area with the front foot after the gybe improves the planing and acceleration away from the mark. New design quick transition deep recess around the mast box increases downforce and nose trim stability at high speed and lift/fin drive at low speed for all sizes.

•  Inverse Vee bottom shape – Generous vee and double concave configuration in the nose to clear the chop and create a smooth ride, transitioning to inverted vee in the tail for increased grip and power in the lower wind range and better control and stable trim when powered.

•  ‘V3 Vector Cuts’ – All-new adjustable straight line cutout design that facilitates clean and effortless water release. Removable plates – The next level in terms of performance and range. 

•  RTS – Range Trim System – 100% carbon/high-density pvc core removable cutout plates – Significantly increases the range by 20% of all slalom and speed models – Plates in results in ultra early planing and increased control of the nose trim in overpowered conditions – Plates out and feel the instant burst of acceleration and top speed in the normal wind ranges.

•  Short Tuttle Strong Box – Double the carbon content, double the wall strength and stiffness, and built with a 100% high-density PVC sandwich body. The result – fins stay tight and the box holds the direct feeling performance even after prolonged use.

*Available with Foil Tuttle Strong Box.

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